Elena Ysabel Parks



This is Maciel, and Elena Parks, Noelle Arroyo and Elena Ysabel Parks are my pen names. I’ve been writing Tagalog-English romance fiction for almost twenty years now . I also write English short stories. This isn’t the first blog site I have started — but I truly hope this becomes the last! I’d like to share my activities, excerpts, reviews, books I have read and books I have in collaboration with other writers in this blog site in hopes of mapping out my adventures as a new self-publisher.

I have many projects in the future and would want to finish them all on schedule and get those experiences all chronicled here, with my goal this will help another writer on the same journey I am going through right now. Here’s a stone thrown to create a little ripple amongst all the giant ripples out there. Best luck to me and all great intentions sent to the Universe.

My love to you and all.

Elena Ysabel Parks



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